Oregon 91-034 Blade 25" Bush Hog Replaces 82325


Oregon 91-034 Blade 25" Bush Hog Replaces 82325 

The Oregon 91-034 replacement lawn mower blade is made to the exact OEM specification for optimum performance. Our blades are individually straightened and hardened to provide a consistent, cleaner cut and increase blade longevity.

Product Details:

  • Requires 3 blades for 74" cut
  • Enhanced hardening to keep the blade sharper and more durable
  • Made to exact OEM specifications
  • Replaces major brands: Zipper, Bush Hog


Blade Specifications:

  • Blade Width-2.25"
  • Thickness-0.250"
  • Blade Length-25"
  • Center Hole Size-1/2"
  • OffSet-0
  • Air Lift-1"



Bush Hog- (PZ) Professional Series, FE21B, FTH, FTH480, FTH600, FTH720, M2254, M2254K, M2672, M2673, MTH-600, MTH-720, PX2873, PZ3073, RDTH, RDTH72, TD-1500, TD-1700, TH, TH48, TH60, TH72, ZT-18 18HP, ZT-180 18HP, ZT-22 22HP, ZT-220 22HP, ZT-220W 22HP, ZT-22W 22HP, ZT-230 30HP, ZT-25 25HP, ZT-250 25HP, ZT-30D 30HP, ZT18, ZT180, ZT22, ZT22-W, ZT220, ZT220-W, ZT230, ZT25, ZT250, ZT30D

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