Oregon 49-995 Carburetor Bowl Assembly Replaces Honda 16015-ZE1-811


Oregon 49-995 Carburetor Bowl Assembly Replaces Honda 16015-ZE1-811

This replacement float bowl is for Honda GX110, GX120, GX140, GX160, and GX200. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.


  • Size: Diameter: 1.830'', Height: 1.380"
  • Includes O-ring and nut


Volume 8.742 in³
Product UOM EA
Weight (with Packaging) 0.125 Lb

Fit Guide

289 MODELS, EB2200X A, EB2500XK1 AG/B, EG1400X A, EG1400XK1 A/A, EG1400XK1 A/B, EG2200X A, EG2200X AR, EG2500XK1 A/A, EG2500XK1 A/B, EM1600X A, EM1800X A, EM1800XK1 A/B, EM2200X A, EM2500XK1 A/B, EZ1400 A, EZ2500 A, F401 A2, F401 AD, F401K1 A, F501 A1, F501 A1R, F501 A2, F501K1 A1, F501K1 A2, FR600 A, GX110 HX, GX110 QX, GX110 QXA, GX110 QXC, GX110 TX, GX110 VA, GX110 VH, GX110 VX, GX120K1 AR, GX120K1 AR/A, GX120K1 HTF2, GX120K1 HX, GX120K1 HX2, GX120K1 HXQ, GX120K1 KRS4, GX120K1 KRS5, GX120K1 KRS6, GX120K1 L1, GX120K1 LW2, GX120K1 LX2, GX120K1 PM2, GX120K1 PX, GX120K1 PX2, GX120K1 Q1, GX120K1 QA2, GX120K1 QAA2, GX120K1 QH2, GX120K1 QMX2, GX120K1 QTC2, GX120K1 QX, GX120K1 QX2, GX120K1 QXC, GX120K1 QXC9, GX120K1 QXG, GX120K1 QXG2, GX120K1 QXQ, GX120K1 QXS, GX120K1 QXS2, GX120K1 RD, GX120K1 RX, GX120K1 S1, GX120K1 SG24, GX120K1 SMW2, GX120K1 SSK2, GX120K1 SW2, GX120K1 SX, GX120K1 TX, GX120K1 TX2, GX120K1 UX, GX120K1 VA, GX120K1 VX, GX120K1 WKT2, GX120K1 WME2, GX120U1 AR, GX120U1 DKR, GX120U1 KRA4, GX120U1 KRF4, GX120U1 KRR4, GX120U1 KRS4, GX120U1 KRS5, GX120U1 KRS6, GX120U1 KRT4, GX120UT1 AR, GX120UT1 KRS4, GX120UT1 KRS5, GX120UT1 KRS6, GX120UT1 KRSB, GX140 HX, GX140 LX, GX140 QA, GX140 QX, GX140 QXA, GX140 QXE, GX140 QXF, GX140 QXS

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