Oregon 33-013 Stop Switch Replaces Honda 36100-883-005


Oregon 33-013 Stop Switch Replaces Honda 36100-883-005

This stop switch has an on/off indicator and fits most Honda engines. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.


  • Stop switch
  • Has on/off indicator
  • Fits most Honda engines


Fit Guide

424 MODELS, ED1000 A, EG1000 A, EG1400XK1 A/A, EG1400XK1 A/B, EG1500K4 A, EG2500XK1 A/A, EG2500XK1 A/B, EG3500XK1 A/A, EG5000XK1 A/A, EZ1400 A, EZ2500 A, EZ3500 A, EZ5000 A, G100 QAF, G100 QAH, G100K1 QA, G100K2 AR, G100K2 KR, G100K2 QA, G100K2 QA2, G100K2 QD, G100K2 SMD2, G100K2 WD12, G100K2 WKR, G150 HQAF, G150 PEAF, G150 QAF, G150 UA5, G200 HQAF, G200 PEAF, G200 QAF, G200 QCX, G200 QZDV, G200 SAG, G200 SBV, G200 SCY, G200 SZDW, G200 UA5, G200 VA5, GX100 KRA2, GX100 KRA2/A, GX100 KRA2/B, GX100 KRB, GX100 KRB/A, GX100 KRB/B, GX100 KRB1, GX100 KRB1/A, GX100 KRBM, GX100 KRF2, GX100 KRMB, GX100 QA2, GX100 QA2/A, GX100 QA2/B, GX100 QAD, GX100 QAD/A, GX100 QXU2, GX100 SA2, GX100 SA2/A, GX100 VA2, GX100 VA2/A, GX100 VA2/B, GX110 DA, GX110 QA, GX110 VH, GX120K1 AR, GX120K1 AR/A, GX120K1 HT2, GX120K1 HTF2, GX120K1 HX, GX120K1 HX2, GX120K1 HXQ, GX120K1 L1, GX120K1 L1/A, GX120K1 LW2, GX120K1 LX2, GX120K1 PM2, GX120K1 PX, GX120K1 PX2, GX120K1 Q1, GX120K1 Q1/A, GX120K1 QA, GX120K1 QA2, GX120K1 QAA2, GX120K1 QH2, GX120K1 QJG2, GX120K1 QJG2/A, GX120K1 QMX2, GX120K1 QTC2, GX120K1 QX, GX120K1 QX2, GX120K1 QXC, GX120K1 QXC9, GX120K1 QXG, GX120K1 QXG2, GX120K1 QXQ, GX120K1 QXS, GX120K1 QXS2, GX120K1 R1, GX120K1 RD, GX120K1 RX

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