Oregon Harvester 11H053E Semi Chisel Saw Chain


Oregon Harvester 11H053E Semi Chisel Saw Chain

Featuring best-in-class cutters, optimized for the most demanding jobs - Oregon 11H Harvester saw chain delivers maximum cutting efficiency to minimize time outside of the cab.


  • Semi-chisel cutters make 11H an aggressive, high-performance chain
  • Wider cutter gullet for maximum cutting effeciency and chip-clearing capability
  • Offset cutter footprint: Minimizes "knife edging: of the bar rails, offering increased support and stability
  • Patented Steel: Patented Oregon material, improved rivet material, and state-of the art manufacturing processess keep stretch and wear to a minimum.



Product Family DuraMax™
Chain Type 11H
Pitch  3/4"
Gauge  .122"
Drive Links  53.0
Package Type Loop
Bar Length 31"
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