Oregon 30-401 Air Filter Replaces Honda 17210-ZE7-013


Oregon 30-401 Air Filter Replaces Honda 17210-ZE7-013

This paper air filter with foam pre-cleaner is for 4 and 5 HP vertical engines. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.


  • Air filter with foam pre-cleaner
  • Fits models GVX140, 120, 160 and commercial mowers HR216 and HRA216
  • For 4 and 5 HP vertical engines
  • Length: 7-9/16", Width: 2-1/2", Height: 1-7/8", metal top
  • Includes Oregon® 30-933 foam pre-cleaner


Volume 44.408 in³
Product UOM EA
Weight (with Packaging) 0.455 Lb
Product Height 1-7/8
Product Length 7-9/16
Product Width 2-1/2

Fit Guide

GXV160 A12, GXV160 A1L, GXV160 A1L2, GXV160 N12, GXV160 N1E2, GXV160 N42, GXV160 N62, GXV160A1 A12, GXV160A1 A1AS, GXV160A1 A1T, GXV160A1 N12, GXV160A1 N1AH, GXV160A1 T1AH, GXV160H2 T1AH, GXV160K1 A12, GXV160K1 A1AS, GXV160K1 A1T, GXV160K1 N12, GXV160K1 N1AH, GXV160K1 N1E2, GXV160K1 N42, GXV160K1 N52, GXV160K1 N62, GXV160UA1 A12, GXV160UA1 A1AS, GXV160UA1 A1T, GXV160UA1 N12, GXV160UA1 N1AH, GXV160UA1 T1AH, GXV160UH2 A12, GXV160UH2 A14, GXV160UH2 A1AS, GXV160UH2 A1S, GXV160UH2 A1SA, GXV160UH2 A1T, GXV160UH2 A1TT, GXV160UH2 N1, GXV160UH2 N12, GXV160UH2 N15, GXV160UH2 N1AH, GXV160UH2 N1F, GXV160UH2 N1F1, GXV160UH2 N1F2, GXV160UH2 N1MH, GXV160UH2 N4, GXV160UH2 N45, GXV160UH2 N55, GXV160UH2 N5AH, GXV160UH2 N5M, GXV160UH2 SFL, GXV160UH2 SFL1, GXV160UH2 SFL2, GXV160UH2 SFY, GXV160UH2 SFY1, GXV160UH2 T1AH, GXV160UH2 T1AT, GXV160UH2 TBE, HR216 SXA, HR216 SXA#, HRA216 SXA, HRC216 HXA, HRC216 SXA, HRC216K1 HXA, HRC216K1 HXA/A, HRC216K1 HXAA, HRC216K1 SXA, HRC216K1 SXAA, HRC216K2 HXA, HRC216K3 HXA